2004 Pharma Industries is re-branded to unify Interphil, Interthai and Interpharma Manufacturing Vietnam under a single brand.
2003 Product development cooperation with SwissCaps and Ethypharm. Interthai commences export to Japan. Revenue reaches US$ 50 million.
2002 The Vietnamese market is penetrated with acquisition of the Novartis manufacturing plant. Major investments in process automation transpire at Interphil.
2001 Interphil expands its export activities to ASEAN.
2000 Interphil commences export to Australia.
1999 Interphil obtains AustraliaTGA certification.
1998 Interphil opens Beta Lactam facility, formerly a Novartis manufacturing plant. Interphil commences export to Taiwan. Interthai is spun-off and becomes a stand-alone company.
1997 The Asian Financial Crisis serves as a catalyst for the closure of many multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturing plants throughout Asia Pacific.
1995 Interphil opens new plant in Canlubang.
1991 Interphil goes public on the Philippines Stock Exchange.
1978/79 Interphil builds a new plant in Sucat (southern suburb of Manila).
1978 Pharma Industries and Muller & Phipps merge and form Interphil.
1974 Pharma Labs, Thailand, a division of FE Zuellig was born.
1950's Pharma Industries, a Zuellig-owned company sets up a manufacturing operation in the Philippines.
1940's Muller & Phipps, a US-owned company sets up a manufacturing operation in the Philippines.