The following article appeared in "The Interpharma Review" [Issue 21, March/April 2003]. It describes our focus on maintaining our leadership in quality.

Getting Ahead of the Times
Our Interphil operation continues their decade-old quest to stay ahead of the curve by investing in projects designed to shore up resources for improved cGMP compliance
Setting industry standards
A market leader is not only responsible for staying abreast of industry standards, but also for setting those standards. Interphil Laboratories Inc., as a service provider in product supply, has long been recognized as a leader in this service area. In an industry where there is great pressure to ensure product quality and efficacy, on top of market demand for lower drug prices, Interphil not only keeps up with pharmaceutical industry developments and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, but makes strides ahead of these various progressions.
Current Good Manufacturing Practices
Almost a decade ago, Interphil led the way in cGMP by investing in a modern facility - one that is at least comparable, if not superior to pharmaceutical plants in the western world. Since the construction of the facility, Interphil has been ceaselessly upgrading all of its resources. There has been the implementation of an array of projects designed to enhance the numerous capabilities and resources of Interphil - in production equipment, IT, human resources and various other departments. During the past 12 months, the pace has increased. Interphil has already invested, and is planning to further invest, a considerable sum on important projects that will result in improved cGMP compliance and cost efficiency as well as faster cycle times.
Manufacturing Resource Planning System
A year ago, Interphil installed the Manufacturing Resource Planning System (MRP). This system integrates the clients' product requirements, raw and other material needs, equipment capacity, procurement lead-time, and various additional operational parameters into a unitized planning and control process. The results have been quite dramatic, and Interphil's product delivery performance is presently at a very reliable level. The automated raw material weighing/ dispensing system is another major project that was installed just over one year ago. The implementation of this system has improved operational reliability with regards to the weighing of various raw materials for each product batch that is manufactured by Interphil.
Advanced equipment
Recent developments at Interphil include the acquisition of several pieces of major equipment that either improves efficiency or increases capacity. The Kilian high-speed tableting machine is one of these pieces, as is the computerized tablet-coating equipment, which effectively doubles the Company's tablet-coating capacity. Additionally, one of Interphil's ongoing projects involves the installation of bar code readers for all the packaging lines, which will augment the current packaging materials control system from a purely manual process to an automated screening of various packaging materials via the use of barcodes. This project will further ensure that medicines are packed in the correct materials every single time, without fail. Within the next 24 months, in addition to the current works-in-progress, Interphil looks forward to further boosting its market leadership.
Additional important projects focusing on automation and cGMP will be implemented. Packaging operations is the area where the Company will allocate most of its modernization projects. Automated stripping machines, cartoning machines and filling lines have been ordered for delivery within the next 12 months. This move is expected to take the Company's packaging operation to new heights in terms of turn-around time, packaging quality and material usage. Interphil Laboratories, Inc. is strongly committed to investing both in and for the future. The consistent and continuous growth of the Company in the years since its founding can be attributed to its unremitting drive to improve its operational capabilities in efforts to serve the industry in the Philippines and across Asia Pacific.